A Vehicle History Report

Do you want to purchase a car, but need a little more information on it? We at Jeff Smith Kia want to make sure you make an informed a decision, which is why it is necessary to obtain a vehicle history report.

A vehicle history report can provide a myriad of information including (but not limited to) the vehicle's liens, rollback alerts, past ownership, and even its accident history. You can get a free vehicle history report, or a paid one, which involves more detailed information that is broken down into multiple categories to make it easier to understand…

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Vehicle Care: Using a Car Cover to Protect Your Investment

Chances are you want to keep your car in great condition for as long as possible; a car cover could help with that. You could use a universal or custom option, and it can be a lot more beneficial than some may realize.

Using a car cover can have quite a few benefits such as that it can help protect your vehicle from bird droppings, pollen, debris, and more that may happen to land on your car while it's parked. 

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What are Infotainment Systems Used For?

If you are in the market for a new vehicle, it will more than likely come with an infotainment system. We want you to have an understanding of the technological features that come with your vehicle of choice. For those who want to know more about an infotainment system, read further.

An infotainment system refers to a communication system that offers drivers entertainment and information. The information is typically brought to the driver on a touchscreen, and most infotainment systems have proprietary names. 

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The Right Wax for Your Car

If you're confused on the benefits of wax or how to apply it to your car, Jeff Smith Kia is ready to help. Wax is made up of hydrocarbons that are solid at room temperature that are mixed with a variety of oils and solvents. Silicones are also used to make synthetic waxes.

A protective layer between the elements and the clear coat on your car can keep your paint protected from the elements and make it easier to keep clean. 

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Why Are Gaskets Important, and What Are They?

A common topic drivers in Perry, GA ask about is what gaskets are and what’s so important about them. This is something that commonly needs clarified, and we’re happy to do just that. So, what is a gasket? It’s basically a washer-like seal, made of very flexible layers of metal (often copper or steel), with a rubbery coating. They conform and provide a seal to keep air and liquids where they belong.

The most important gaskets are your cylinder head gasket, the oil pan gasket, and the exhaust and intake manifold gaskets. 

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Things You Should Include in Your Roadside Emergency Kit

Sometimes the unexpected happens on the roads of Perry, GA. Stay ready for any situation with a little advance preparation. Keep these items packed in your roadside emergency kit so you are not helpless the next time your vehicle breaks down. Flashlights and batteries are important to keep in the roadside emergency kit because you can flag help down or light the way to make repairs.

A bag of tools of all varieties could make the difference in sitting or being able to make the small repair on your own. 

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Does Nothing Happen Sometimes When You Turn the Ignition?

A starter is an electric motor that cranks a car's engine when the ignition switch is turned. When your car's starter fails, it'll leave you stranded until you can get it replaced. There are warning signs of a failing starter that you can watch for, though.

One warning sign that your car's starter may be at the end of its life is when it fails to engage when you turn the ignition. When the solenoid that transmits electricity to the starter begins to fail, it causes the starter to lose power. This might be intermittent before…

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Do You Prefer Front Wheel Drive or Rear Wheel Drive?

Front-wheel drive (FWD) and rear-wheel drive (RWD) vehicles operate differently on the road. If the process of selecting a practical automobile that suits your driving habits is a hassle, you can simplify the scouting process by considering the perks for each design.

Rear-wheel drive cars are designed with a strong axle system that can handle the driving conditions in rugged environments. By operating one of these cars, you can enjoy many adventures in rural areas without worrying about costly repairs. 

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Has Your Tire Pressure Light Illuminated?

A big part of staying safe on the road entails making sure that your vehicle's tires are in good working conditions. Most new vehicles come equipped with tire sensors that will let you know if the temperature is not what it should be. There a few things that can cause the in-dash tire pressure light to illuminate.

The first thing that may cause the tire pressure light to come on is cold temperatures.

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Can Radiator Sealants Cause Overheating?

The motor in your engine often runs at relatively high temperatures. To keep these temperatures in check, your motor relies on your cooling system to keep the motor coolant within manageable temperature ranges. Like other vehicle systems, the cooling system is subject to damage. One of the most prevalent forms of damage comes in the form of the coolant leak.

Leaks can be pesky, hard to locate problems, but they can cause serious consequences if not attended to. 

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