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6 Cool Hacks to Fix Scratches on Your Car

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No one likes seeing scratches on their car. Even a minor scratch can detract from the appearance of your car. And if it's a big scratch, it can be unsightly.


Fortunately, there are some cool hacks that you can use to fix scratches on your car. With these hacks, you don’t have to spend a lot of money.


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6 Lesser-Known Ways to Increase Fuel Mileage

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Like most people, you are probably looking for ways to save money. And if you own a car, one of the best ways to do that is to improve your fuel economy. Luckily, there are many tweaks you can do to increase your gas mileage – many of which you may not even know about.

In this blog post, Jeff Smith Kia, serving Perry, will explore some of the best-kept secrets for improving your fuel economy. By following these tips, you'll be able to reduce how much money you spend on gasoline each month - and maybe even put some extra…

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5 Great Reasons to Replace Your Spark Plugs Now

Your automobile requires periodic maintenance if you want it to run smoothly and last long. A critical aspect of car care is changing the spark plugs regularly. Spark plugs are essential for engine performance, and if they're not replaced when they need to be, your car will not perform well.


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