The Chip on Your Windshield is Easier to Take Care of Than You Might Think

When you notice a crack has appeared on your windshield, you will understandably be concerned. You might wonder what in the world you can do about it short of getting a whole new windshield installed on your vehicle. Jeff Smith Kia wants you to know that it is important to get that chip taken care of. Thankfully, this is often easier than you might think.

If the chip has not grown too large, it is often possible to inject a certain amount of liquid resin into the windshield itself. This will bond the chipped area together and make it almost unnoticeable. This is a much less expensive alternative than a complete windshield replacement.

You might be wondering how much a chip repair costs. In many cases, it can be done for less than $50. You can also check with your insurance company. They may actually provide for the repair to be done at no charge.

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