When to Take Your Car to a Mechanic for Exhaust System Issues

It's a natural reaction to be concerned when your car does something you're unfamiliar with. The exhaust system of your car is a very complicated system of parts, and if you see one doing something odd your first thought might be that something's wrong. However, there are only two common things you need to worry about.

The first is when your muffler does a poor job of silencing your car during acceleration. If you notice your car is making a lot more noise lately when you're pressing on the gas, then consider having a professional look at it.

Next, if your exhaust pipe emits smoke after driving for a time, this could also be a problem. While it's normal for your exhaust pipe to smoke when starting your vehicle, if this persists throughout your morning commute it could mean something is wrong. When in doubt, have a professional here at Jeff Smith Kia investigate further for you.

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