Jeff Smith Kia wants you to understand how your car operates and terms related to its operation. At times, you will hear the terms oversteer and understeer applied to a vehicle. Oversteer usually occurs with rear-wheel drive vehicles while understeering is more common with front-wheel drive vehicles.

Oversteer occurs when a car turns too sharply and it begins to spin. When oversteer occurs, the rear of the vehicle fishtails and slides. Oversteer takes place most often in rear-wheel drive cars because the rear-wheels have the power. The front wheels can have more grip, causing the power wheels to slide.

Understeer happens when the front wheels don't have enough grip, and the driver is not able to get any steering response. This results in the car going off the road when cornering. In order to combat both under and oversteer, many newer cars have electronic stability control to keep you from sliding and spinning.



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