Car Care Tips for Spring

When the days grow longer and the temperatures get warmer, it's the perfect time for you to take stock of how your car was impacted by the winter months. Salted, sandy roads and freezing temperatures can take their toll on the exterior of your car. Spring is the perfect season to repair any damage and get your car ready for the summer months ahead.

Thoroughly wash and wax your car, fixing any imperfections in your car's finish with matching touch up paint to delay rust. Shake out those sandy floor mats and run your air conditioner to see how it's faring after months of not using it. Belts and hoses can loosen in the changing temperatures, so it's good to check them to see that they're functioning as they should. Fill your coolant and wiper fluid to recommended levels.

Let us help you get your car in shape for summer at Jeff Smith Kia. From tuneups to tire rotations, we'll give you the peace of mind to enjoy your summer road trip.



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