When you're driving, your vehicle can look as clean as possible after a good wash. This is only one of the benefits that a routine car wash provides. While you're washing your car, it provides an opportunity to view details that you might overlook otherwise, such as checking the tire pressure. You can also look to see if there are any dents that you didn't know were in your car.

There are products that you can use when washing your car to protect the clearcoat and the paint. When dirt is on your car, it can begin to eat away at the clearcoat before getting to the paint that's underneath. This can then result in rust that develops and areas of your vehicle that need to be repainted.

Keeping the exterior of your car clean by regularly washing it can help to maintain its overall value. If you're trying to trade your vehicle at Jeff Smith Kia or trying to sell it to someone, then you'll likely get more money if it's clean and maintained compared to if there are areas that are damaged from not keeping the paint in good condition.



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