How to Choose Winter Tires for Your Adventures

At Jeff Smith Kia, we want all drivers to be safe when driving during the winter months. With the right winter tires, you can safely navigate all roads with confidence. Winter tires come either with studs or without studs. Studded tires are ideal for icy road conditions as they dig into it and provide additional traction.

However, it may not be necessary to buy tires with metal studs in them. This is because they can damage the road when not covered in ice, and they also have a tendency to create a loud and rough ride. Tires without studs in them have gained in popularity because of recent improvements in tire design and construction.

The deeper tread depth helps them to handle snowy and slushy roads while tiny grooves help with icy road conditions. Furthermore, they are designed to keep their shape even in bitterly cold weather. While our neighbors here in Perry might not experience a steady blanketing of snow during the winter, those of us that travel up north to visit with family or conduct business will need to prepare accordingly for the road conditions. Let us help you at our auto service center.



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