Correcting the Record: Motor Oil Myths

When it comes to the world of motor oil, there are a lot of myths and half-truths flying around. As such, the team here at Jeff Smith Kia has decided to correct the record so that our friends and neighbors can be as well-informed as possible about the running of their vehicles.

It is not at all uncommon to hear people claim that synthetic oil can cause oil leaks. However, this simply isn't true. Though some instances of leakage were noted when synthetic oil was first introduced in the 1970s, improvements in oil technology mean that this just isn't an issue anymore.

Yet another myth that is often spread about motor oil is that you don't need to change your filter when you change your oil. Again, however, this isn't true. Failing to change the filter can result in old contaminants entering your new oil and potentially causing damage to your vehicle's engine.



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