Be Safe When Jump Starting Someone's Car

Today at Jeff Smith Kia, we want to make sure you can safely jump start a Perry, GA neighbor's car.

You'll need both cars' front ends adjacent. Turn off your car. Check that each car is in Park or Neutral with their handbrakes engaged. Grab your jumper cables and connect your positive cable to the other vehicle's positive battery terminal. Turn, and connect your positive cable and battery terminal. Stay at your battery to connect its negative terminal and your negative cable.

The last connection completes a circuit, so keep the remaining clamp's metal away from your body and clothing. To minimize the potential for sparks, connect this clamp to the metal on or near the other car's engine block. Carefully return to your car to start it. Rev your engine for about a minute, then try starting the other car. Multiple attempts may be needed. If you cannot start the other car, the problem may rest beyond its battery.

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