Make Room for Everyone on the Road

At Jeff Smith Kia, we want to help you easily navigate all driving situations you will encounter in our city and beyond. We happily offer tips today that can help you share the road with bicyclists.

All driving situations require your full attention, so never text and drive. Keep your eyes on the road. Importantly, cyclists have an equal claim to the road. When no bike lane is present, bike riders may use a car lane's full width. You can pass cyclists, but always leave a three-foot buffer, and never pass in a way that would impede other lanes' traffic.

If you ride your bicycle on roads, you must follow traffic laws. Stop when required. Provide handle signals when appropriate. Never weave through lanes. Obey speed limits. Remember that police officers can write you a ticket if you flout laws while on a bike. Also, please wear a helmet and highly visible gear.



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