Why Are Gaskets Important, and What Are They?

A common topic drivers in Perry, GA ask about is what gaskets are and what’s so important about them. This is something that commonly needs clarified, and we’re happy to do just that. So, what is a gasket? It’s basically a washer-like seal, made of very flexible layers of metal (often copper or steel), with a rubbery coating. They conform and provide a seal to keep air and liquids where they belong.

The most important gaskets are your cylinder head gasket (padding between the head and the engine block), the oil pan gasket (keeping oil in the pan the moving crankshaft can’t live without) and the exhaust and intake manifold gaskets (maintaining an even temperature and keeping air from escaping). Gaskets warn of their demise by showing compression (gaps), stiffening (loss of flexibility), and cracking or build up. To keep these problems from arriving too soon, change your oil regularly, and be sure to keep your fluids clean and topped off. Coolant, antifreeze and steering fluid being the big ones.

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