Things You Should Include in Your Roadside Emergency Kit

Sometimes the unexpected happens on the roads of Perry, GA. Stay ready for any situation with a little advance preparation. Keep these items packed in your roadside emergency kit so you are not helpless the next time your vehicle breaks down. Flashlights and batteries are important to keep in the roadside emergency kit because you can flag help down or light the way to make repairs.

A bag of tools of all varieties could make the difference in sitting or being able to make the small repair on your own. Keep a set of jumper cables in the roadside emergency kit so you are not waiting too long on the side of the road for a jump-start. Additionally, a gallon of engine coolant will be helpful if the motor begins to overheat.

Road flare or safety triangles can help to keep distracted drivers alert to your disabled vehicle sitting just off the side of the road. Bring the vehicle to Jeff Smith Kia for a routine automotive inspection and possibly you won't need that roadside emergency kit any time soon.

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