Can Radiator Sealants Cause Overheating?

The motor in your engine often runs at relatively high temperatures. To keep these temperatures in check, your motor relies on your cooling system to keep the motor coolant within manageable temperature ranges. Like other vehicle systems, the cooling system is subject to damage. One of the most prevalent forms of damage comes in the form of the coolant leak.

Leaks can be pesky, hard to locate problems, but they can cause serious consequences if not attended to. Some individuals make use of products called radiator system sealants to plug small leaks. While these products may sometimes work, all too often they clog up a critical part known as the thermostat. If the thermostat cannot function, coolant and engine temperature can rise past the breaking points.

If and when coolant leaks occur, the best option is to consult trained professionals for assistance. At Jeff Smith Kia in the Perry, GA region, we field cooling system experts with years of experience in the discipline. They are eager to help you to maintain your cooling system components and keep your motor in trim condition. To hear more, swing by our place today for a no-obligation conversation.

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