The Importance of Checking Your Tires

While there are so many critical components in a vehicle, tires are some of the most important. There are a few things you can do to make sure they're ready to take you around town and beyond.

With the correct tire pressure, you'll be able to drive safely and efficiently. If a tire is underinflated, the outside edges will be working harder than they should be. If a tire is overinflated, the load won't be evenly distributed across the entire tread. In just a few seconds, you can use a tire gauge to check your pressure.

Tread provides traction, which is especially useful in slippery conditions. Treads should be at least 2/32", but it's a good idea to change out your tires before you reach this point. At Jeff Smith Kia, we can recommend which tires would work with your vehicle, and we're always happy to answer questions from our customers.



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