Time Again for Your Car's Back-to-School Service

The cooling system is more than the radiator in your vehicle, it is made up of several parts that all must work as one to be able to keep the internal engine parts from getting too hot and seizing. Here are some of the areas of concern the service center will inspect during the back-to-school maintenance check.

The thermostat must be working, or the temperature of the coolant cannot be maintained. The gasket in the housing will be checked for leaks and thermostat tested.

The water pump is run by a fan belt, so it needs to be inspected for wear because if it is too loose, the pump cannot circulate the coolant to the moving parts in the engine and back to the radiator.

The hoses have to be checked at the clamps to make certain they are tight enough to keep coolant from leaking.

Visit Jeff Smith Kia and one of our friendly workers will schedule your vehicle for a full back-to-school cooling system inspection.

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