Does Your Kia Need Snow Tires or All-Seasons?

If you're wondering whether or not your new Kia needs snow tires, we here at Jeff Smith Kia in Perry, GA can provide some helpful tips for you.  While some people regard that drivers in areas with only light snowfall can get through the season with just all-season tires, we here at Jeff Smith Kia believe that investing in a reliable pair of snows tires is never a bad choice. Besides, it'll only take one atypical snowstorm to impair your driving abilities.

For those of you who didn't know, snow tires are specifically designed for snowy conditions with specialized "lugs" and "sipes" in the tread. The raised blocks, or "slugs", on the tread of the tire help send channel snow, ice, and slush away from the surface of your tire. In addition to the specialized lugs, snow tires also incorporate a greater abundance of "sipes" in the (thin grooves in the tread) which enable more contact between the tire and the road. Therefore, with snow tires you're vehicle can maintain a more firm grip on the pavement giving you, the driver, more control. 

So why not use snow tires year-round? Well because snow tires are a large investment and it's better to use them only when needed in order to prolong their use. Excess use of snow tires in the off-season can lead to a quicker deterioration and loss of tread on the tires.

If you're still curious, feel free to contact our Kia parts & accessories department online or by phone at (888) 619-3819 about snow tires and we'll be happy to have our auto repair & service center technicians install them on your vehicle. Or, if you're out and about, feel free to stop by our Kia car dealership in Perry, GA at 103 Iffie Road and speak with a member of our parts and service staff in person.
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